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A small selection of the horses we sell. We also have a few horses for sale from 0 – 2 years old. For more information please contact us: +31611922044.

Are you looking for a talented young sport horse, raised under optimal conditions and trained in a sustainable manner?

Equi Smart’s horses have interesting bloodlines and are kept in social groups with 24/7 turnout, ad-lib hay, a low starch/sugar feed balancer and regular care from the farrier, bodyworker and dentist. We train according to the 4 dimensions system from Karin Leibbrandt.

This approach prevents damage from natural crookedness, stress and overload, and creates strong, sustainable riding horses. Balance, core stability and length in the neck are key factors in their training, which is incompatible with the ever popular, but very damaging low, deep and round training method.Our horses are mentally and physically balanced from the start and are happily working for their riders.

Our horses will therefore only be sold to people who are searching specifically for a mount trained with length in the neck, the nose in front of the vertical and without time pressure, and who will continue training this way. If necessary, we can provide support.

Due to the quality bloodlines and investments in nutrition, management and training, our horses fall in a higher price range.

Doet ES

Don Renoir x Sir Lui

€ 5.500,-

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Jorento SIH

Sorento x Ampère

€ 17.500,-

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Kerel ES

Franklin x Don Renoir

€ 25.000,-

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Bon Coeur x Sir Lui

€ 17.500,-

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Loetje ES

All at Once x Don Renoir


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Liv ES

EyeCatcher x Negro x Damiro


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